Women's Health Seminars - Spring Schedule

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner. We want you to feel your best.

Come to our menopause support group this evening (Tuesday, February 23) and join a professionally facilitated group to help you beat menopause symptoms. You can RSVP online: http://www.ctocrx.com/events/

Can't make this event? We have menopause, hormone & bone health, and weight loss & gut health seminars every month. Our upcoming events are:

Feb 23 - Menopause Support Group (Lakewood)
Feb 25 - Hormones & Bone Health (Lakewood)
Feb 29 - Menopause Seminar (Lone Tree)
Mar 10 - Menopause Seminar (Lakewood)
Mar 15 - Weight Loss & Gut Health (Lakewood)
Apr 14 - Menopause Seminar (Lakewood)

Register today, and we'll send you a reminder.http://www.ctocrx.com/events/

Does Menopause Make You Feel Like This?

Is menopause making you feel nuts? 

Don't forget our free pharmacist led seminars on menopause which are held every month in our Wellness Center. What are the differences between synthetic and bio-identical hormones? What are the pros and cons? How can you get started? www.ctocrx.com/events