Reflections on Special Event at Coast to Coast Compounding

On May 3, Coast to coast Compounding held a special event. Featured speaker Rosemarie Schild, PA, gave her presentation on "If Not You, Then Who? How to be your own Advocate for Healthcare."

An attendee shares the insights she gained from the evening:

"I believe that Rosemarie really spoke from her heart and did a great job sharing her philosophy with the audience. 

Rosemarie's main message was that you should listen to your inner self.  A lot of times in this world, we are taught to only think with our brain -- but we should be using our hearts and souls to also help make decisions when it comes to our care. 

I also thought it was nice for Rosemarie to reconnect so many of her patients. Both the patient and Rosemarie felt that they are connected in a family sense.  It was heart-warming to see such warmth and compassion between patients and their doctor."