Wendi Medved's Reflections on Special Event at Coast to Coast Compounding


On May 3, Coast to coast Compounding held a special event. Featured speaker Rosemarie Schild, PA, gave her presentation on "If Not You, Then Who? How to be your own Advocate for Healthcare."

Dr. Wendi Medved, Pharm.D, shares the insights she gained from the evening:

"I think that Rosemarie embodies the essence of what medicine should be.  She always encouraged her patients to be thoughtful and purposeful in their decision making process.

During the activity time, Rosemarie had her patient fill out our mid-life assessment form which focuses on a large variety of areas in both the medical aspect, community and emotional, nutritional arenas of life.  The attendees seemed very intrigued about the exercise and it was interesting to see the reactions.  Rosemarie also spent time discussing what questions you should be asking your doctor to decide if you like their office, practice and style.  Working with a physician who has similar outlook and attitude about health topics is very important.

I never realized how different the various medical models around the country are until Rosemarie offered her experiences with the different types of healthcare.  With a heavy background in allopathic medicine training through pharmacy school, Iā€™m starting my functional medicine practitioner certification because I feel that the allopathic model leave out a lot of options which really can benefit patients."