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Menopause Coaching: How to get thru the change! [Free Live Event]

  • Coast to Coast Compounding 780 Simms Street Lakewood, CO (map)

Are you having foggy thinking, weight gain and are overwhelmed with starting Menopause?

•Why do you get hot flashes and what do you do about it?  

•Synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones and non-hormone options?

•What lab work do you need or what if you don't have lab work? 

•What can I do today to start feeling better?

•How the foods you eat influence the menopause path? 

•How nutrition, gut health, microbiome, spiritual health etc influence menopause, and what to think about changing.

•How to combat the weight gain around your mid-section and how it is related to menopause.

•Q&A session : Get your questions answered by experts.